Customized Pool Ball Racks in Rare and Exotic Woods Handmade by Jim Shaw.

Figured walnut and tiger maple 8 ball rack Zebrawood and wenge 8 ball rack Walnut and white oak 8 ball rack Tige maple and cherry 8 ball rack White oak and walnut 8 ball rack Natural walnut and wenge 8 ball rack Cherry and birdseye maple 8 ball rack

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Eight Ball and Nine Ball Racks to Match or Accent Any Style of Cue, Table, or Pool & Billiards Room.

A custom-made rack is the perfect gift for the pool or billiards player.

Email me or call 214-208-1493 to plan the perfect gift for your favorite pool or billiards player. I only make a small number of hand-crafted racks so that there's not a long waiting list. Email or call today.

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