It all started when

If you’re like me, you have a nice cue, a decent table, maybe a set of Brunswick Centennials…

…and a crappy plastic rack.

So when I started looking for quality pool ball racks on the Internet I couldn’t find anything to match the workmanship of a custom-built cue or table. There are some really good cue artists out there. And the sky’s the limit when it comes to tables. But if you want a quality rack to match your cue or table, good luck.

So I thought, “I’m a pretty good woodworker, I’ll make a set.” That was in 2005. Only years later, did I really begin to assemble pool ball racks at a level worth presenting on this site.

The process has been interesting. I’ve had to build a lot of my own tools. Pool ball¬†racks are a challenge to assemble, so I’ve built and tweaked many fixtures to aid in the process. In order for everything to go together correctly, you have to attain exact dimensional tolerances, so I’ve developed half a dozen or more setup gauges that let me repeat critical steps exactly. And when the proper tooling wasn’t available, I had it custom made.

Now I know why nobody else seems to have done this before.

But, I’ve managed to put together a few racks. Click here to have a look…

Jim Shaw, Dallas, Texas.